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Running Through 2017

Year end running stats for 2017!
All in all a great year in terms of running with big gains, improvements and new experiences! I ran Boston for my first time and I ran my first 100 miler in 23:01:56! Both with the sweetest woman I know, side by side crossing both finish lines together. Two experiences I will never forget and memories I will cherish for a lifetime!

Count: 275 Activities (2 less than 2016) Distance: 2,406.09 mi (474.9 more than 2016) Avg Distance: 8.75 mi (1.75 more than 2016) Max Distance: 100.27 mi (50k was my farthest in 2016) Time: 370:31:14 h:m:s Elevation Gain: 40,054 ft (13,627 more than 2016) Avg Speed: 6.4 mph (0.6 slower than 2016, 100 miler affected this ave.) Avg HR: 137 bpm (only 2 beats faster than 2016) Avg Run Cadence: 176 spm (2 steps per minutes faster than 2016) Calories: 218,429