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Dam Yeti 50 Miler!

The Prologue
Laying on the bed, just having checked into an AirBnB in Pittsburgh, PA for the Thanksgiving holiday with Heather's family, a facebook post came across the newsfeed about the opening of the Dam Yeti 50 Miler! Heather and I just completed the Yeti 100, 2017  (23:01:56) at the end of September and it was still sweet on our tongues! We looked at each other, we needed not say a word about it... we were in!

We registered that night!

We started training for the Yeti 100, 2018 about 9 weeks ago and we new that throwing in a 50 miler this early was a bit risky! But risky is what we do! It's what all of us endurance ultra runners do, isn't it? We put it out there. And what will be, will be!

Ultra runners don't scare easily! We just relentlessly move forward!

The Road Trip
I awoke at 5 AM Friday morning and made my last preparations before scooping up Heather at 6:25 AM at her house! She was all ready to go and I helped her carry out her bags, complete with a recycla…