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Yeti 100! Our first 100 Miler

Getting Ready For Yeti

I'm not quite sure how The Yeti came to be the one we signed up for, maybe it was a strong recommendation from some friends that ran it the previous year or maybe we heard it was a good course for a first 100 mile attempt.

Whatever the reason, in hindsight I am so grateful that this was the one we chose.

The Yeti 100 is made up of the Yeti Trail Runners, a community of ultra runners that exemplify what the ultra community is all about. Laid back, friendly, conversational and always ready for the next challenge!

When a race sells out in like 6 hours.. you know it's got to be something special. And it is!

Training for the Yeti started in April, a 24 week, somewhat modified plan taken from the book "Relentless Forward Progress" by Bryon Powell. The plan would take us up to 70 mile weeks at least three or four times and we even would end up having one 80 mile week at peak.

Before all this started it was supposed to be four of us: Me, my running par…