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Y'know when you  have just read a post and you wanted to pull your hair out, have a weapons grade face-palm and then fire back like there was no tomorrow? Yup! I have had a few of those Facebook moments too.. a lot!

Political smearing and religious proselytizing can be seen all over my news feed.. and if I have a difference of opinion and I reply, all out war breaks loose. Keyboard courage makes it easy to fire back from both sides and bumper sticker mentality shuns a response as it's "... here is what I think, and screw your thoughts on the matter..". Civil discourse is only relevant if you're face to face these days, and then maybe.. not so much. Try that on Facebook and you get deleted or you end up in a blazing argument because you have a difference of opinion that a Facebook meme depicting doctor is waiting for just 1 more "like" so he can operate on a child, is actually bullshit! I have never known there to be more gullible people out there in my …

Marathon Maniac or Just a Little Crazy?

I don't have an addictive personality.. or do I? Is it that I have a hard time balancing my life's content or am I just gravitating toward one particular thing that brings me joy? Am I obsessed or dedicated? Am I taking this too far? Or am I just pursuing my passions? ...and it's okay to do that, right?  Or is there some or prescription drug being offered these days for  the "crazy" people who want to pursue their dreams..

My friend Barco is on the second half of an incredible challenge right now. 52 Marathons in 26 weeks. My numbers might not be exactly right but since I deactivated my facebook account December 1st and I have nothing to reference. We spoke on phone briefly yesterday as he was on the road heading to Houston, Texas to run a marathon before making his way to Orlando for what he described as the next big section of marathons called the "Savage Seven". Seven marathons in a row! I cannot even imagine.

Barco is a certified "Marathon Man…

Seashore Nature Trail - 50k Run - December 15th, 2012

Sitting on the dining room table lay my Garmin report from my first 50k run last year of the 2011 Seashore Nature Trail. I really needed to devise some sort of strategy this year, not that I did not run a good race, I did, I just do not think it was the smartest way to have raced it. Wait, let's eliminate the word "race" right off the bat and replace it with the word "run", okay. I ran this one according to a realistic, yet challenging goal based on my abilities as a new runner and I certainly did not expect to win any awards here. I just wanted to finish.

The first two miles last year were nice and easy, it was the third mile and on that seemed to have hurt me a little later on in the race.. I mean run.. and this is where some change of approach needed some thought. High 8's and low 9's were a little to speedy for this guy (and my knees) on this 30 mile trail. Not to mention, I never stopped at any of the aid stations for addition fuel until the mile …