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2014 Seashore 50k - Out For A Sub 5 Finish Time!

This is the amazing group of individuals that I had the pleasure of taking part of this 2014 event with! Melissa Carlson and Fran Dunn, my pre race dinner compadres did not make the photo shoot but were also apart of this amazing group as well and for them it was their first 50k distance!

As for me, it was my fourth run of the 50k distance and my third running of the Seashore! All accounted for, this was my 13th marathon/ultra since turning 40 only 3 short years ago. Yup! 13 in 3 years.. I can hardly believe it myself. Running simply changes everything and running, pretty much has changed my life! It's what I love, it's what gives me confidence, it's what gives me a sense of accomplishment! Running... pushes me! It brings me hope, it has brought forth my dreams and given me passion. It's brought some of the nicest and most thoughtful people into my life. People I am proud to call friends. Running. A forward motion... a freedom... a love affair!

So this was the race I …