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Philadelphia Marathon! You Did What???

I clicked my iPhone as I approached the 10k split, "Dial Jason D" I commanded to Siri.  See, I knew that Jason and his lovely wife Dorrie were positioned just passed that point."Dialing Jason D" Siri replied! Jason had never received a phone call from a participant on course running a marathon before. He answered somewhat concerned. "Jason" I exclaimed. "I need to shed this long sleeve,  Can you grab it from me as I pass?" "Sure thing" he answered..  On pace, feeling great, I gave it to him...

6 days a week, 20 weeks of training.... and it all comes down to a single day!

I've done everything right. I've awoke every morning at 4 AM for my runs. I've hit my paces on my specific workout runs (Yasso 800's. speed work, intervals, etc) and completed all my long runs.

This is the discipline and determination I CAN control.

What I cannot control are the conditions on race day and and particular issues I may awake with or the w…

18 Weeks of Training... Almost Done!!

Yes!! The big day is right around the corner!! Race Day... the day that no matter if it's your first marathon or your 100th, the jitters always seem to show up!

Questions of doubt like "did I train hard enough?" and "Am I ready for this?" penetrate our mind as we wake up and begin getting ready for what we've been training so long and so seemingly hard for. "What's the weather going to be like... I hope it's not going to rain!", "Is that a stomach ache? No, please don't be a stomach ache... I hope I don't have to poop during the race.. " and "When does this race start again? How far am I from the start line... ugh!!"

But moments from the gun, we stand tall, proud of the work we've done.. "This is MY day! I've earned it! I have come to kick ass and take names!! Yup! I've got this!!" And then...

"BANG!!!" We're off! Nothing left to do but RUN!!

Sound familiar?
Or is that just me…