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Why Do I Run?

The simple answer to this question is "inspiration", however, it's inspiration on so many levels that it simply just does not suffice to sum it up that way.  I run because I know what it is like to see my body and my physical health at it's absolute lowest. I know what it feels like to to watch my muscles, all of them, diminish away from the severe lack of nutrients and protein and still not have the gumption to swallow a small bite of hard boiled egg.  Its seems the the more running I do the more thinking I do. Running has an incredible effect on your mental health beyond the obvious benefits of the physical. Only a quarter of the way into the run today my mind started reeling, thoughts of gratitude filled my mind, a few of the people who have inspired become so clear to me that the music playing through my headphones became completely muffled out.  I'm inspired not only by knowing how much being sick sucks, but also by the will and perseverance of these peopl