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Running the 121st Boston Marathon (Road to Boston) The Final Report

I made two mistakes... one, I laid down. Bad idea... Two... I tried to take my shoes off.. another bad idea..

This became very apparent when my left calf seized up, causing the most excruciating pain I have ever felt! Screaming like a baby in front of about 100 people around me though didn't seem to phase me one bit!

Meanwhile,  Heather was quietly dry heaving on the other side of the walkway. No one even noticed!

I am such a baby when it comes to pain!

Well, not yet!
Our vacation started with heading up to Norfolk on Friday night... we had a 5:50 AM plane to catch! ....With United Airlines! I was just worried we might get the beat down if the plane was overbooked! 
We left the Outer Banks around 2:30 PM to head up, catch some dinner and hit the sack early!  Cruising through Currituck we noticed the crop fields filled with these beautiful and bright yellow flowers! Heather mentioned it would be cool to grab a photo in the midst of all those flowers! Being sponta…