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100 Miles Is Just Around The Corner!

9 training days left. 70 training miles to go! Half of the battle of training for any foot race is getting to the starting line whole! With our last long run (20 miles) tomorrow.. we begin our taper down peak weeks! It's been an amazing new journey, training for a 100 mile race! Its been on my bucket list since 2012! Finally with a bunch PR's under my belt in just about every distance over the last year or two... Having qualified for Boston.. something I once thought was co mpletely out of my reach.. it just felt right! The timing couldn't be better and I couldn't be doing it with anyone better than the woman I crossed the Boston Marathon finish line with! We've trained hard! And we are  # YetiReady ! All this doesn't mean I'll finish it though. 100 miles is a long way and anything can happen. But I've done my part! I can stand at the starting line confident that I did everything I was supposed to do! I showed up for every run! Waking up as ea