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I Love You, Too!

Random blog post! Every now and then something will strike me and I must write about it, or rather, put my thoughts on paper to put them in perspective. Not a lot of people know this about me but I am fairly an emotional guy! That is to say, I feel. I have feelings and I am man enough to let them show... sometimes! I am not the macho type. Never have been I am me. I can't help it. Can't change it. Don't want to. I am happy with who I am! So something I've noticed myself doing lately is responding differently to my girlfriend when she tells me she loves me. How do you respond? You most likely say the same thing back, "I love you, too!", right? Well, of course you do and that's okay! I do too! We want to let our significant others know that we do in fact, love them. It is an important thing to convey! It's an affirmation that many of us not only want to hear, but need to hear. And need to hear often. I know I do. Especially when you&

The NutCracker 6 Hour Endurance Run & the Quest for the "Damn Yeti Jacket"!

With a slightly nauseous stomach and approaching the 16th mile marker, I already knew I was going to drop out. We were practicing an 8/2 Run/Walk strategy that proved itself unlikeable (to me, anyway) and with the heat in the upper 80's and a seriously poor excuse for an aid station at mile 8, I had nothing more to prove. This would have been my nineth 50k finish had I kept going into the night with Heather and Emily. Problem was... I just didn't want to. So I dropped. That event was to be a training run out in Farmville, Virginia called the Night Train 50k for The Yeti 100, Our first 100 Mile attempt  in September of 2017. In addition to that 50k training run, we also had a 50 mile training run on the schedule as well which we ended up doing.  I finished that one. The 100 miler came and went ( read about it here! )  and we finished in just over the 23 hour mark. It wasn't too long after the race that Jason Green, the RD for the Yeti 100 posted this challenge: