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Shamrock Half Marathon - A PR for Heather!

We decided that we were going to do the Shamrock Half back in early November when we were putting our plan together for our Boston Marathon training that would start later that month. Sixteen weeks into our Training is a good time to go out and run a fast thirteen point one as a tune up race to our full that is now just a month out.
Heather, who has never actually run a competitive half marathon before was looking to PR. She ran this race a few years back as a training run without any real  time  goal or expectations... Four miles from the finish that year she glanced down at her watch and was doing a seven thirty pace, so she decided to pick it up... the result of that race was an unintentional PR at 1:40 and change. The weather that day was great and she was feeling really good! Since then, it's been marathons all the way with several BQ's under her belt! (She's such a bad ass!! :)

My PR for the half was at Philly Rock & Roll in 2015 at a 1:34. I too have not run any…