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Miles Required! Pacers (and general company) needed in lifetime event!

I still remember coming through the front door all excited about the fact that I had just run a mile. It was a big deal to me then and it still is now. It's a humble reminder that we all have to start somewhere and nobody is  a superstar out of the gate. It all begins with that first step and a little commitment.

That was in 2010. Since then I have grown passionate about the sport and have surrounded myself with people of the same passion. I have done my best to grow, to keep races on the calendar to keep me motivated and training, to learn from my mistakes and help and encourage others who are just getting started.
Because the same way we cover any distance is by adding one foot in front of the other, so it is as we encourage others to begin, another encourager rises up, just as I was. Next thing you know, we have a whole community that is working harder, eating and living healthier, and on the path to longer happier fulfilling life! Can running do all that? I'm going to say …