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Making A Commitment To A "New" Process!

“Running a marathon is a good challenge; running an ultramarathon demonstrates something else, something about us.” 
― Bryon PowellRelentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons

Training for marathons over the last several years and the changing my training style in a big way for the better (that led to my first BQ) just a few years ago, I have always trained with my eyes on the prize. The goal was to get this time or get that time. Every run, every day had a purpose and every run was with that end goal in mind!

Fartleks, Yasso 800's, Strides and interval work, etc.. it's all about the goal. It's all about the finish time.

For marathon training this is the process that ended up fitting me best. I have been committed to that process for the last 4 marathons! Three of which have been my best marathon times including a 3:19:38 at the Philly Marathon in November 2016, my current PR.

The process of my chosen marathon training regimen, specific and purposeful, g…