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My OBX Full... And She Ran How Many Marathons?

Sitting on the bus on the way to Kitty Hawk, NC, the start of the OBX Marathon, I over heard a women talking about a race coming up in the near future where she had requested the bib number 100. She was a little frustrated since she was told those bib numbers are reserved for the Kenyans. She replied I don't think the Kenyans would mind. I jumped in the conversation suggesting that maybe she just make her own or email Road ID and see if they would help.. then just pull that sucker off at the last minute revealing the "real" bib as she runs though the finish line. She seemed to think that was a good idea. I could not help but wonder so I asked what was the importance of the bib number? She told me it was going to be her one hundredth marathon!! Holy Crap, that is awesome I said. ..And what marathon would this be? She replied this one is number 90. I had to learn more so I continued to question her, asking when did she start running marathons and she told me in the year 20…

The Third Times A Charm!

This will be my third marathon in 12 months! My first last November being this one that I am about to run again, the OBX marathon (3:49) and my second being the Shamrock in VA. Beach (3:43). I am hoping for one of two results at the crossing of the finish line on Sunday... An over all PR marathon time under 3:43 or.. And it's a big or, that I come in under last years OBX marathon time for a course PR. Looking back at my calendar, I was logging 30 to 40 miles a week leading up to this weekend. That has not been the case this year. While I have been active in many races (almost constantly) I have not been up to par with my training this year. Far too many long runs without the very important shorts runs in between. However, over all, I feel good about race day and my pace goals. Analysis of last years splits show a consistent pace in the 8 minute range up until mile 19, the dreaded wall we all know is waiting for us around that time frame! I did not hit the wall though last year. I…