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My Review of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

My Review of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset
I sat down with my wife to watch the overview video to a program she had just purchased that cleanses your system while detoxifying it over a 21 day period. My initial thought process was that I would support her in the endeavor by eating the same food as her, while on the program. Well, I was very inspired by the video and since I had been heading in the same direction of food choices that the program was designed around, I thought, what the hell! So my wife ordered up one more complete program for me and we were going to do this together!
The program is designed around specific food groups over three, seven day phases and a set of supplements that are taken throughout each of the 21 days, which also changes slightly in each phase.
Before I go on, I should tell you that I had to give up coffee (yup, I just lost half the readers here), ice cream, alcohol, all sweets such as candy, chocolate, etc, flavored beverages such as iced tea, soft drink…