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Frostbite 5k - January 22nd, 2011

 Waking up at 3:30 am the morning of the 22nd of January felt kind of like I remember as a kid on Christmas eve, eyes open wide, staring up into the darkness, thinking about what was to come in the morning. After about 8 weeks of training, and starting out having a hard time just running for 2 minutes straight, I, along with my wife,was about to run my first race, a 5k race amptly name "The Frostbite 5k".   Like that kid, lying in bed awake early on Christmas eve, I did get back to sleep but awoke a short time later around 6 AM. Vicki was right behind me, both of us excited yet nervous as could be. It was the unknown, the wonder of how we would perform, could something go wrong? I was really wanting to be able to run the entire distance without stopping. Vicki just did not want to come in last. I assured her she would not come in last and that just finishing this will be a huge accomplishment regardless of what place we come in. She agreed. I am not sure really how I go