I remember a morning in 2010, I was a new runner and it was just two years after a bout with cancer..
I was meeting a few folks for a run.
Rachel Lee Johnson, Ed Beckley and Andy Garza.
5 -7 miles was on the schedule and we took off to the north side of Manteo to partake in one of the only trails this town has to offer.
As we were moving along the trail, I was in last place.. or behind every one. I remember Ed, just up in front of me, telling Rachel about one of the runners he was coaching and how he was up to seventy miles a week!
I was up to maybe 15.
I remember my jaw dropping at the idea of running seventy miles in one week. Like wow! I could not even image that.
Seventy Miles?? No way!!
Well last night... several years after that 5 mile run... I have reached a seventy mile week!
I didn't know I was going to do it this week... it was very unexpected. But the urge came and it happened. And so it is.
Seventy Miles!!!
Once unimaginable. Once so far out of reach... and once.. absolutely unconceivable!
But last night... it happened.


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