Miles Required! Pacers (and general company) needed in lifetime event!

I still remember coming through the front door all excited about the fact that I had just run a mile. It was a big deal to me then and it still is now. It's a humble reminder that we all have to start somewhere and nobody is  a superstar out of the gate. It all begins with that first step and a little commitment.

That was in 2010. Since then I have grown passionate about the sport and have surrounded myself with people of the same passion. I have done my best to grow, to keep races on the calendar to keep me motivated and training, to learn from my mistakes and help and encourage others who are just getting started.
Because the same way we cover any distance is by adding one foot in front of the other, so it is as we encourage others to begin, another encourager rises up, just as I was. Next thing you know, we have a whole community that is working harder, eating and living healthier, and on the path to longer happier fulfilling life! Can running do all that? I'm going to say YES!

Now after countless 5k's, 3 Half Marathons, 3 Full Marathons (and the 4th right around the corner) and 3 50k's, I am gong to attempt the longest distance that I have ever run before. On March 9th starting at 3 PM, I will embark on a journey that will take me, quite possibly 15 hours (maybe less) through the night and finishing on my 42nd birthday around 5-7 AM in the morning.This is the Graveyard 100. It's a 100 mile race and a 100k race. I will be taking part in the 100k (with 2 of my friends and about 25 other endurance runners) which is 62 miles and twice as far as I have ever run in my entire life. Can  I do it?

I think it was Napoleon Hill who said "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve" and it was Henry Ford who so boldly stated "Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are probably right!"

So given these words of wisdom by such two pioneers, I will stand up tall and say "yes!" however, I cannot do it alone...

A race like this cannot be accomplished successfully by oneself. It will take a team. A team in which every member has a crucial part in which the runner is just one. The runner is not the biggest part, and the runner is not the smallest part, but equal, to that when all the parts are working together for the common goal, the part of the runner works in the same manner.. hopefully, or so I hear!

I am asking for your help. I am asking for your support.

After mile 20 and for the next 42 miles, I will be in need of pacers. Runners to come out and share some of this journey with me. For 2 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles, however long the individual would like to run. Most of the run will be in the dark down the long and narrow route 12 as I make my way down to the "end of the road" at the Hatteras Island ferry dock. We most likely will not encounter any crowd support cheering us on or aid stations every few miles offering gels and Gatorade, but you will be aiding a friend, a running buddy, and you will know that you played a very important part in what I hope will be a successful finish of the  longest run to date that I will have attempted to complete!

My wife, Vicki will be Head Crew Guru and the main point person connecting pacers to my location and will be bringing them back to their vehicles after their commitment has been fulfilled. Of course any fuel and food will be provided to pacers along the run as they need it and anyone wishing to hang with Vicki after is very much welcomed as she is going to need help as well. So please keep this in mind if pacing is something that may not be in the cards for you and your wanting to help in some capacity.

I am not sure how many pacers I will need as this will just depend on how long pacers want to run with me.
If you are interested in pacing with me, please send me a message with the following info and I will contact you for follow up about the next steps.

How many miles would like to pace (ave)?

I thank you very, very much for your consideration and hope that you will join me on the road!

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