Y'know when you  have just read a post and you wanted to pull your hair out, have a weapons grade face-palm and then fire back like there was no tomorrow? Yup! I have had a few of those Facebook moments too.. a lot!

Political smearing and religious proselytizing can be seen all over my news feed.. and if I have a difference of opinion and I reply, all out war breaks loose. Keyboard courage makes it easy to fire back from both sides and bumper sticker mentality shuns a response as it's "... here is what I think, and screw your thoughts on the matter..". Civil discourse is only relevant if you're face to face these days, and then maybe.. not so much. Try that on Facebook and you get deleted or you end up in a blazing argument because you have a difference of opinion that a Facebook meme depicting doctor is waiting for just 1 more "like" so he can operate on a child, is actually bullshit! I have never known there to be more gullible people out there in my life and it frustrates me to no end.

I have been off Facebook since December 1st. It was a knee jerk reaction after pulling a few "weeds from the garden" as it were, and then finally said "y'know what? I need a to just weed myself out of this for a while". And I did. I took down my account, temporarily, of course! I deleted the app from my iPhone as well. Ah,  it's like a monkey off my back! The perfect time of year too as I did not have to subject my self to the countless "Jesus is the reason for the season" posts or "It's okay to say Merry Christmas". Anyone had enough of those, yet?  If I had only thought of this during election season!

Anyone who has a smart phone equipped with a Facebook app knows they are on it all the time. All the time! If you deny this, just ask your spouse. Facebook is typically always open on my desktop at home. I mean really, it's how I communicate with the outside world. I run a couple group pages, and I have a page or two of my own that I need to keep up with. Blah, Blah, Blah. Who care's - It's not really that important. I thought it was. It's not.

Once I was off, I wondered who would really even notice I was gone out of the almost 600 "friends" I have on Facebook. That number will be going down upon my return to Facebook, way down, I assure you.

Some people, friends and others who I have met along the way, I really do care about what they are up too, I'm interested in knowing they got the new job, got married, found a cool new restaurant and then had to post a picture of what they ate, etc. I'm fine with these things. But..some people need to go. They do. I don't really know them, sometimes their posts piss me off and why the hell should I feel bad about this. I don't know you, dude. Yeah, I know who you are. I still don't know you. I'm not even sure I like you. Delete, you're gone! What an ultimate crime that is now-a-days, huh?

I'm convinced my FB will consist of 15 friends by the time I'm done. Think about the number of people you truly interact with on a daily basis... That's about all you need. Other than that, we can connect on group pages of the same interest or you can just call me if you want to talk to me.. remember that? A phone call?

There are plenty of people I want to stay in touch with, but there are twice, if not triple that amount I don't really give a rats ass about. Seriously! I just don't and I am sure there are plenty of people that feel the same way about me. That's fine, I okay with that! We're all grown ups here, right? Well, maybe not.

So anyway, I'm back! 30 days off Facebook. I have been more productive, watched a whole lot of YouTube videos, and noticed  about my wife what she has always noticed about me; She's on Facebook a lot! But to be quite honest, have not missed it a bit. I have felt freer, have had more time and got more done.

So why come back?

C'mon, it's Facebook!


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