The Third Times A Charm!

Happy to be a finisher!!
This will be my third marathon in 12 months! My first last November being this one that I am about to run again, the OBX marathon (3:49) and my second being the Shamrock in VA. Beach (3:43). I am hoping for one of two results at the crossing of the finish line on Sunday... An over all PR marathon time under 3:43 or.. And it's a big or, that I come in under last years OBX marathon time for a course PR. Looking back at my calendar, I was logging 30 to 40 miles a week leading up to this weekend. That has not been the case this year. While I have been active in many races (almost constantly) I have not been up to par with my training this year. Far too many long runs without the very important shorts runs in between. However, over all, I feel good about race day and my pace goals. Analysis of last years splits show a consistent pace in the 8 minute range up until mile 19, the dreaded wall we all know is waiting for us around that time frame! I did not hit the wall though last year. I did slow up into the 9's with the slowest pace of the race being a 9:50. Looking at these splits I know I will need to conserve some energy for those last 6 miles. Pay attention to my Garmin and stay under 9 at all costs!! I know.. I say that now but I very well could be singing a different tune on Sunday!
Let's hope not!

My  Stats from 2011


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