Going Green... Green Juice, that is!

"I'll be fasting for 60 days on nothing but juice and I'm going to do it on the fattest place on earth, the United States!" said Australian native Joe Cross, maker and main character in his documentary "Fat, sick and nearly dead". My wife I first saw this film about 6 months ago and were very inspired. So much that the thought of getting a juice machine was great idea.. and it was.. for about a week, until the motivation of the show fizzled out.

Isn't this true about so much in our lives? We get motivated, even inspired to make a change, make difference, to do something great, and then, if we jump in at all, most of the time it just doesn't last, right? It's too much work, I don't have the time, the time isn't right, etc, etc. You know what I mean, you have said it, I have said it, we have all spoken these words at one time or another..

Well, the other day my wife and I watched the documentary again, and low and behold, just as the first viewing (or the second or third??) we were inspired all over again. Except this time, we acted, we took the first step. The hard one too.. spending money! Yes, we bought a juice machine and the same one featured on the documentary, turns out! Not the best, but certainly not the cheapest. I would say it's right down the middle and a good value for the price.

Since completing our 21 day Beachbody Ultimate Reset, we have been pretty much vegetarians, only eating some occasional fish or shellfish, so although not fanatical..yet, we are steering towards this direction. All the evidence points to the fact that a diet of plant based proteins, promotes more energy, reduces the risk of the all the major illnesses, including heart disease and all cancer types, and when you extract the juice from the plants, even better! Plant juice aids the digestive system and delivers high potent nutrients to your body more quickly and effectively.

We had our first juice this morning combining collard greens, green apples, kiwi and broccoli. Wow! I was surprised how delicious it was and actually filling to the stomach.

I must tell you, I did step away while writing this blog to watch  my wife make a lunch time juice and it too was very, very good. This one blending mustard greens, which provided and interesting peppery taste, golden delicious apple, celery, kiwi and a peach. Naturally sweet from the fruit and very tasty.. green in color.

Over the last month we have learned a lot of new things about food, the important role it plays in our health and the way we eat. Someone once said "knowledge is power" but I disagree, it's what we choose to do with the knowledge gained that produces the power, it's in the action that we take once we know the benefits... or the risks that gives us the power to conquer our goals, achieve the greatness we desire and be the best we can be, for ourselves and the others around us!

...and yes, this can be of achieved by going green!


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