Why Do I Run?

The simple answer to this question is "inspiration", however, it's inspiration on so many levels that it simply just does not suffice to sum it up that way.

 I run because I know what it is like to see my body and my physical health at it's absolute lowest. I know what it feels like to to watch my muscles, all of them, diminish away from the severe lack of nutrients and protein and still not have the gumption to swallow a small bite of hard boiled egg.

 Its seems the the more running I do the more thinking I do. Running has an incredible effect on your mental health beyond the obvious benefits of the physical. Only a quarter of the way into the run today my mind started reeling, thoughts of gratitude filled my mind, a few of the people who have inspired become so clear to me that the music playing through my headphones became completely muffled out.

 I'm inspired not only by knowing how much being sick sucks, but also by the will and perseverance of these people. Those who have fought the same battles and ones whose were not so far off from mine and went on to accomplish great things.

I'm inspired my my friend Ed Montgomery, who is living proof that positive things can come from bad experiences! I met Ed through a common friend because Ed was just diagnosed with the same cancer I had. Ed got through his ordeal just fine. Not to say he didn't have any tough times. But what he has done has inspired me more than he will ever know. Ed wrote a book based on his experience and through that book has given hope to many others. Also, if I am not mistaken, one year to the day of Ed's last radiation treatment, He completed his first marathon on the Outer Banks of NC. Ed Continues to do great things and we work together to raise money for the Relay for Life. He is a great friend and a huge inspiration!

I am inspired my friend Rachel Johnson. Another cancer survivor and one incredible athlete. Completing many more races, marathons, and tri-athalons  than I will ever know, and is also a black belt in one segment of martial arts, I am not sure which one. Rachel, in her modesty would just tell you first and foremost the she is a mother of 3,and a wife. How she does it all, and still holds down a job is not at all surprising, she may tell you it's because of her love of running that she can juggle it all. Thanks Rachel for all your help and advise. You are an inspiration!

Third on my list is a young man, whom I have not had the fortunate pleasure of meeting face to face. It was through a comment left on a YouTube video I uploaded that lead me to meet Mr. Charles Leslie, the "Insaniac" as he calls himself! Charles is a Beach Body Coach and a social media guru. This guys talks and inspires hundreds of people through facebook, You Tube, Skype and other forms of social media on all aspects of fitness. It was the common interest in P90X and Shaun T's Insanity that connected us. Although lately I have not spoke or exchanged any interaction with Charles, I keep up with him through his FB posts. When I first met him he was not a runner, he just did the work out thing like me. Then he started running, and over the last year or so he has been involved with numerous races in the Portland area where he resides, and has earned a few awards for his efforts. Charles continues to inspire hundreds of people daily, leading by his example of exercise and fitness. I am just one who would like to say thanks, for the inspirational push to move beyond my comfort zone!

Lastly, but surely the most important influence and inspiration for running is my wife, Vicki (sorry guys :) Together since I was 19  and she was 16, we have grown up together, struggled through tough times and celebrated the good ones. We have two incredibly beautiful children and we both have found some success along the way. As we are  just 6 months away from sending off our oldest child and only daughter to college, my wife and I nod a collective "job well done", we could not be prouder!

I am so inspired by my wife because we enjoy the same things and we do things together... and that includes running. She has goals, and while she is happy where she is, she realizes there is always room for improvement. Vicki inspires me because she is a do-er, and in that, an encourager. She supports me and I support her. Thank you sweetheart for always beiing there for me, even when it may have not been so easy to do so. I love you!

Everybody has an inspiration in there life, and I have many more, for many other reasons. This was just a few I thought about today as I was running for my life. A life I want to make whole for myself and those around me.

Thanks for reading,



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